What is credit reference?

Credit Reference

A credit reference is information, the name of an individual, or the name of an organization that can provide details about an individual's past track record with credit. Credit rating agencies provide credit references for companies while credit bureaus provide credit references for individuals.

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Some articles on credit reference:

... Callcredit Limited is a credit reference agency ... Credit reference agencies collect and store details about consumers and their personal credit history ... There are five credit reference agencies in the UK Callcredit, Dun Bradstreet, Equifax, Experian and National Hunter ...
Consumer Credit Act 1974 - Provisions of The Act - Part X: Ancillary Credit Businesses - Definitions
... An ancillary credit business is defined in Section 145 of the Act as any business that works in credit brokerage, debt adjusting, debt collecting, debt counselling or as a credit reference agency ... Credit brokers are people involved in negotiating deals between potential debtors looking for credit and creditors, normally in exchange for a commission ... Under the Act, "credit broker" includes not only mortgage brokers and loan brokers but also car dealers, shops that introduce customers to financial houses for ...
How Credit References Are Used
... Credit references are used to help lenders quantify the risk of lending to a given applicant, or to determine overall creditworthiness ... For example, if an applicant's credit history indicates proper, timely payments on all outstanding obligations, a lender may judge it more likely that the applicant will make timely payments on the requested loan ...

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