What is crease?

  • (noun): A slight depression in the smoothness of a surface.
    Synonyms: wrinkle, furrow, crinkle, seam, line
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... In the sport of cricket, the crease is a certain area demarcated by white lines painted or chalked on the field of play ... The term crease also refers to any of the lines themselves, particularly the popping crease ... Law 9 of the Laws of Cricket governs the size and position of the crease markings ...
Lacrosse Strategy - Settled Offense: The 2-3-1
... field, then continues to the two attackmen on the wings and the midfielder on the crease, and finally the last attackman located at "X", the position behind the goal ... rotate in a triangle, across the top, and to and from the crease ... The attackmen will rotate to and from X, and across the crease to the opposite wing ...
Crease - People
... Henry Pering Pellew Crease (1823 – 1905), British lawyer, judge, and politician Jimmy Crease (born 1949), former association football player Kevin Crease (1936 - 2007), South ...
Crease Pattern
... A Crease Pattern is an origami diagram type that consists of all or most of the creases in the final model, rendered into one image ... The use of crease patterns originated with designers such as Neal Elias, who used them to record how their models were made ... This allowed the more prolific designers to keep track of all their models, and soon crease patterns began to be used as a means for communication of ideas between designers ...
Jimmy Crease
... James 'Jimmy' Crease born 1949, is a Scottish football manager and former player ... Crease played for Berwick Rangers and Albion Rovers in the Scottish Football League ... Crease first managed Berwick between 1992 and 1994 ...

More definitions of "crease":

  • (noun): A Malayan dagger with a wavy blade.
    Synonyms: kris, creese
  • (verb): Scrape gently.
    Synonyms: graze, rake