What is corn syrup?

  • (noun): Syrup prepared from corn.

Corn Syrup

Corn syrup is a food syrup, which is made from the starch of maize and contains varying amounts of maltose and higher oligosaccharides, depending on the grade. Corn syrup is used in foods to soften texture, add volume, prevent crystallization of sugar, and enhance flavor. Corn syrup is distinct from high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which is created when corn syrup undergoes enzymatic processing, producing a sweeter compound that contains higher levels of fructose.

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Flavored Water - Health Effects - Sugar Content
... Until 1985, most of the calories in soft drinks came from sugar or corn syrup ... As of 2010, in the United States high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is used nearly exclusively as a sweetener because of its lower cost, while in Europe, sucrose dominates, because EU agricultural policies favor ... primarily of water and sugar (often cane sugar or high-fructose corn syrup), including some soft drinks, some fruit juices, and energy drinks ...
Corn Syrup - Uses
... raise the price of sugar hence, domestically produced corn syrup and high-fructose corn syrup are less expensive alternatives that are often used in American-made processed and mass-produced ... Glucose syrup was the primary corn sweetener in the United States prior to the expanded use of HFCS production ... The resulting syrup is sweeter and more soluble ...
... Bear of Bear Hybrids Corn Company in Decatur, Illinois to describe his discovery and commercial breeding of a unique cornstarch with high (>50%) amylose content, also ... and from that one mutation, an entire new kind of maize (corn) was developed ... Bear also discovered and reported that waxy corn (100% amylopectin starch) also occurred as a mutation ...
Twinky - Ingredients
... Enriched wheat flour, sugar, corn syrup, niacin, water, high fructose corn syrup, vegetable shortening – containing one or more of partially hydrogenated soybean, cottonseed and canola oil, and ...
Cultural Variations - United States - Bottled Iced Tea
... at this scale, unsweetened varieties are somewhat rare most are sweetened with corn syrup, and their sweetness places them in the same market as soft drinks ... Brands such as Snapple and Lipton offer iced teas sweetened with sugar in place of corn syrup ... Corn syrup as a sweetener is rare, with cane sugar, honey, and other sweeteners being more prominent ...

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