What is core group?

  • (noun): A small group of indispensable persons or things.
    Synonyms: core, nucleus

Some articles on core group:

Clandestine Cell System - Non-traditional Models, Exemplified By Al-Qaeda
... "Al-Qaida's minimal core group, only accounting for the leadership, can also be viewed topologically as a ring or chain network, with each leader/node heading their own particular hierarchy ... provide information and other forms of support (the ‘many-to-one’ model), while the core group supplies ‘truth’ and decisions/directions (the ‘one-to-many’ model) ... period under the observation of the core group ...
P. L. Gairola
... For some time, he was also a member of the Core group of the Energy Efficient Project of the World Bank ... As a member of the core group, he visited Brazil in 2004 under the cross country exchange program of the core group ...
Carmen María Gallardo Hernández - Career
... recently in 2007, Ambassador Gallardo has been invited to become a member of the Core Group of the International Task Force on Preventive Diplomacy ... and institutionally balanced Task Force Core Group of 17 experts known for their engagement in preventive diplomacy/conflict prevention and a High ...

Famous quotes containing the words group and/or core:

    Now, honestly: if a large group of ... demonstrators blocked the entrances to St. Patrick’s Cathedral every Sunday for years, making it impossible for worshipers to get inside the church without someone escorting them through screaming crowds, wouldn’t some judge rule that those protesters could keep protesting, but behind police lines and out of the doorways?
    Anna Quindlen (b. 1953)

    It is possible to have a strong self-love without any self-satisfaction, rather with a self-discontent which is the more intense because one’s own little core of egoistic sensibility is a supreme care.
    George Eliot [Mary Ann (or Marian)