What is controlled demolition?

Controlled Demolition

Controlled demolition refers to:

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AE911Truth - Advocacy - World Trade Center Towers
... Center skyscrapers has explicitly failed to address the massive evidence for explosive demolition." In particular, Gage argues that the buildings of the World Trade Center could not have ... deformations" associated with the collapse would indicate that the buildings have been destroyed by controlled demolition ... spontaneous" collapse of the towers would have been impossible without a controlled demolition, that pools of molten iron found in the debris of the buildings were evidence of the existence of thermite, and that ...
Steven E. Jones - World Trade Center Destruction Controversy
... a variety of evidence defies the mainstream collapse theory and favors controlled demolition, using nanothermite ... He called for further scientific investigation to test the controlled demolition theory and the release of all relevant data by the government ... some believe that his public comments have indicated a significant degree of certainty on the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center and the culpability of elements ...

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