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Turing's Proof - Summary of The Proofs
... First proof that no "computing machine" exists that can decide whether or not an arbitrary "computing machine" (as represented by an integer 1, 2, 3 ... seems to use the "diagonal process", in fact shows that his machine (called H) cannot calculate its own number, let alone the entire diagonal number (Cantor's diagonal argument) "The ... Theorem "We can show further that there can be no machine E which, when supplied with the S.D of an arbitrary machine M, will determine whether M ever prints a given symbol (0 say)" (his italics, U p ...
Calculus Ratiocinator - Two Views - The Synthetic View
... synthetic view understands the calculus ratiocinator as referring to a "calculating machine" ... day digital computer “ The history of the modern computing machine goes back to Leibniz and Pascal ... Indeed, the general idea of a computing machine is nothing but a mechanization of Leibniz's calculus ratiocinator ...
Turing's Proof - Summary of Proof #3
... Section 6 describes the very specific "encoding" of machine M on the tape of a "universal machine" U ... some idiosyncrasies of Turing's universal machine U and the encoding scheme ... (i) The universal machine is a set of "universal" instructions that reside in an "instruction table" ...

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