What is coconut meat?

  • (noun): The edible white meat a coconut; often shredded for use in e.g. cakes and curries.
    Synonyms: coconut

Some articles on meat, coconut:

Bengali Cuisine - Common Bengali Recipe Styles
... Dom Vegetables, especially potatoes, or meat, cooked over a covered pot containing water, slowly over a low heat, slightly steaming ... powder, ginger and onions (alternately coconut-vegetable stuffing is used) ... cabbage, green peas, potatoes or banana blossom, coconut, chickpeas) are chopped or finely grated and cooked with both a pouron and ground spices ...
Malaysian Cuisine - Food Types - Malaysian Chinese Food
... A soup cooked with cuts of pork meat, intestines, pork ribs (the root meaning for the dish, Fukkeinese dialect "Bak Kut" is the term for meaty ribs or ... also as barbecued pork and it literally means dried meat ... northern island state of Penang has shredded crab meat added in Chee cheong fun (Chinese 豬腸粉) is square rice sheets made from a viscous mixture of rice flour and water ...

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    A plague o’ both your houses.
    They have made worms’ meat of me.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)