What is coarse groove?

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Audio Engineering Society, Coarse-groove Calibration Discs - A Closer Look At The Preservation Problem
... These time constants are identical to those used in the AES Coarse-groove Calibration Discs. 78s 3180/450/50 BBC direct recordings 1945-1960 Flat/BBC/BBC CCIR standard coarse-groove transcriptions Flat/450/50 AES (some early US Lps) Flat/400/63.6 Modern LPs (RIAA equalization) 3180/318/75 Lateral cut NAB ...
Audio Engineering Society, Coarse-groove Calibration Discs
... the world have collections of many thousands of coarse-groove mechanical audio recordings, phonograph or gramophone records, largely 78s or 78 rpm discs ... tool for standard transfer of mechanical coarse-groove audio recordings from the analog to the digital domain ... The AES coarse-groove calibration discs (AES-S001-064) are a boxed set of two identical discs, one for routine use, one for master reference ...

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