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List Of Cultural References To A Clockwork Orange - Films
... The film version of A Clockwork Orange immediately revolutionized the science fiction film genre, opening the way for other films to portray elaborate dystopian narratives and to ... Films that use similar cinematic techniques to A Clockwork Orange include A Boy and His Dog, THX 1138, and Westworld ... interview as a direct reference to the scene in A Clockwork Orange where Alex kicks the writer and rapes his wife to the tune of "Singin' in the Rain" ...
Kubrick - Influence On Film and Television - Influence On Film Industry
... the very frequent comparisons by critics of the film Bronson to A Clockwork Orange, Refn denied the influence ... you put violence with classical music, people think it's obvious that's Clockwork Orange, because Kubrick used it very well and you always look at it as a reference ... There are similarities between my Bronson and the Alex character from Clockwork Orange ...
Concept Centaur GT
... The Durango 95 in the 1971 film A Clockwork Orange was probably a Probe 16 ... All three are still in existence, including the car used in Clockwork Orange Dennis Adams has recently revealed in an interview that he had sold the car used in the ...
A Clockwork Orange (film) - Reception - Responses and Controversy - British Withdrawal
... a fourteen-year-old male defendant of manslaughter of a classmate, referred to A Clockwork Orange, telling the judge that the case had a macabre relevance to the film ... this crime and sensational literature, particularly A Clockwork Orange, is established beyond reasonable doubt" ... On 4 July 2001, the uncut A Clockwork Orange had its premiere broadcast on Sky TV's Sky Box Office the run was until mid-September ...
Ambassador Theater (Washington, DC) - Schedule of Events
... Bird Johnson Counter Inaugural Ball 22-24 Junior Wells/US Male/Clockwork Orange 29-30 Canned Heat/Clockwork Orange October 1 Canned Heat 6-8 The Youngbloods/Clockwork ...

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