What is clock time?

  • (noun): The time as given by a clock.
    Synonyms: time

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Tach Timer
... clock) time when the engine is running at 2400 RPM ... However, the timer will run at half clock speed while the engine is run at 1200 RPM (a fast idle for some aviation engines) or at 5/6ths real time at 2000 RPM (a slow cruise speed) ... So the Tach Timer operates slower than clock time when the engine is operating at low speeds of rotation and faster than clock time at higher speeds of rotation ...
Equation Of Time - History
... to the mid-17th Century, when pendulum-controlled mechanical clocks were invented, sundials were the only reliable timepieces, and were generally considered to tell the right time ... A description of apparent and mean time was given by Nevil Maskelyne in the Nautical Almanac for 1767 "Apparent Time is that deduced immediately from the Sun, whether from the Observation of his passing the Meridian ... This Time is different from that shewn by Clocks and Watches well regulated at Land, which is called equated or mean Time." (He went on to say that, at sea, the apparent time found from observation of ...

Famous quotes containing the words time and/or clock:

    Hardly had the glow been kindled by some good deed on your part or by some little triumph over your rivals or by a word of praise from your parents or mentors when it would begin to cool and fade leaving you in a very short time as chill and dim as before.
    Samuel Beckett (1906–1989)

    We are hardly ever grateful for a fine clock or watch when it goes right, and we pay attention to it only when it falters, for then we are caught by surprise. It ought to be the other way about.
    Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl Chesterfield (1694–1773)