What is cloaked?

  • (adj): Having its true character concealed with the intent of misleading.
    Synonyms: disguised, masked
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Some articles on cloaked:

Shockwave (Star Trek: Enterprise) - Plot - Part I
... Using information from Daniels, Reed finds a cloaked Suliban device on the shuttlepod's engine manifold ... They then proceed to check the specifications of a Suliban cloaked ship in a database in Daniels' quarters ... quantum beacons to detect Suliban ships while cloaked ...
Mailinator - Description
... (usernames can be up to 25 characters in length) or using the "cloaked" address for that username (as explained below) ... in which every recipient name has a cloaked identifier starting with "M8R-" and a string of characters ... sent to either the original recipient name or the cloaked name ...
Wishcraft - Plot
... After the dance, one of Cody's buddies is murdered by a cloaked figure with a grotesquely disfigured face ... Meanwhile, the cloaked figure continues to kill students at the high school ... As Samantha is coming to grips with the truth, the cloaked figure attacks the pair ...
Kurozakuro - Plot
... Suddenly a cloaked man carrying strange weapons and wearing a bell on his right ear swoops down from the rooftops and attacks the murderer ... changes shape turning into an ogre, the cloaked man an ogre battle for a moment and the man gets the upper hand ... of his strength he yells at a fleeing Mikito that, he will kill his family if he doesn't let the cloaked man kill him ...
Allies In Power Rangers: Mystic Force - The Tribunal of Magic
... The Tribunal of Magic was a group of three powerful, cloaked beings visited by the Rangers in the Dark Wish trilogy, who ensure the existence of magic and ... The red-cloaked member of the Tribunal, a male, was the most calm and comprehensive of the three ... The black-cloaked member of the Tribunal, also male, was the most hotheaded ...

More definitions of "cloaked":

  • (adj): Covered with or as if with clothes or a wrap or cloak.
    Example: "Fog-cloaked meadows"
    Synonyms: clothed, draped, mantled, wrapped

Famous quotes containing the word cloaked:

    We call it a Society; and go about professing openly the totalest separation, isolation. Our life is not a mutual helpfulness; but rather, cloaked under due laws-of-war, named “fair competition” and so forth, it is a mutual hostility.
    Thomas Carlyle (1795–1881)