What is Chukchi language?

  • (noun): An indigenous and isolated language of unknown origin spoken by the Chukchi that is pronounced differently by men and women.

Chukchi Language

The Chukchi language (also known as Chukchee, Luoravetlan, Chukot and Chukcha; in its own language: ԓыгъоравэтԓьэн йиԓыйиԓ ) is a Palaeosiberian language spoken by Chukchi people in the easternmost extremity of Siberia, mainly in Chukotka Autonomous Okrug. According to the Russian Census of 2002, about 7,700 of the 15,700 Chukchi people speak Chukchi; knowledge of the Chukchi language is decreasing, and most Chukchis now speak the Russian language (fewer than 500 report not speaking Russian at all). Chukchi is closely related to Koryak, which is spoken by about half as many as speak Chukchi. The language, together with Koryak, Kerek, Alutor and Itelmen forms the Chukotko-Kamchatkan language family.

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Chukchi Language - Grammar
... Chukchi is largely agglutinative and has ergative–absolutive alignment ... the perfect in English and other Western European languages ... system involving both prefixes and suffixes despite the agglutinative nature of the language, each individual combination of person, number, tense etc ...
Esquimaux - Sirenik Eskimos
... Main article Sirenik Eskimos Some speakers of Siberian Yupik languages used to speak an Eskimo variant in the past, before they underwent a language shift ... These former speakers of Sirenik Eskimo language inhabited settlements Sireniki, Imtuk, and some small villages stretching to the west from Sirenik along south-eastern coasts of Chukchi Peninsula, they lived in ... Sirenik Eskimo culture has been influenced by that of Chukchi (witnessed also by folktale motifs), also the language shows Chukchi language influences ...
1890–1943?) was a Chukchi reindeer herder, living in the tundra near the settlement of Ust-Belaya in Russian province of Chukotka ... Around 1927 or 1928 he independently invented a writing system for the Chukchi language ... The word writing (kelikel) in the Chukchi language has Tungusic parallels ...

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