What is childlike?

  • (adj): Befitting a young child.
    Example: "Childlike charm"
    Synonyms: childly
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The Neverending Story - AURYN
... It is a symbol of its mistress, the Childlike Empress, who is also called "The Golden-Eyed Commander of Wishes" in reference to her relationship with AURYN ... The truth is that AURYN's power flows from the Childlike Empress and that it can only be used with her permission ... AURYN helps guide Atreyu through Fantasia in his quest to find a cure for the ailing Childlike Empress, and in turn defeat the Nothing ...
Walter De La Mare - The Imagination
... two distinct "types" of imagination – although "aspects" might be a better term the childlike and the boylike ... De la Mare claimed that all children fall into the category of having a childlike imagination at first, which is usually replaced at some point in their lives ... The increasing intrusions of the external world upon the mind, however, frighten the childlike imagination, which "retires like a shocked snail into its shell." From then onward the boyish imagination flourishes ...
List Of The Neverending Story Characters - Xayide
... Her vain wishes are to replace the Childlike Empress as ruler of Fantastica and bring sharp order to the realm of fantasy ... to invade the Ivory Tower with the power of his wishes to become Childlike Emperor ... to manipulate Bastian into delusion, planning to usurp the Childlike Empress and bring order to Fantastica ...
List Of The Neverending Story Characters - The Old Man of Wandering Mountain
... He is of the same species as the Childlike Empress, and not from Fantastica ... The Old Man appears in the story when the Childlike Empress is forced to use drastic measures to make Bastian fulfill his part in the story ... He is visited by the Childlike Empress and her guard Big Head, who remain with him until the end of the Nastie crisis ...
List Of Soul Reapers In Bleach - Soul Reaper Characters - Eleventh Division - Yachiru Kusajishi
... She is childlike in most aspects, as she is small, cute, cheerful, and carefree most of the time ... Further reflecting her childlike nature, Yachiru likes to give people nicknames for example, she calls her captain Ken-chan ("Kenny" in the English version) and calls Byakuya Bya-kun ... Despite her childlike appearance, Yachiru is apparently quite strong, being capable of lifting Kenpachi and leaping between buildings while carrying him ...

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Famous quotes containing the word childlike:

    Adults who still derive childlike pleasure from hanging gifts of a ready-made education on the Christmas tree of a child waiting outside the door to life do not realize how unreceptive they are making the children to everything that constitutes the true surprise of life.
    Karl Kraus (1874–1936)

    Such pure and genuine and childlike love of Nature is hardly to be found in any poet.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    The child who would be an adult must give up any lingering childlike sense of parental power, either the magical ability to solve your problems for you or the dreaded ability to make you turn back into a child. When you are no longer hiding from your parents, or clinging to them, and can accept them as fellow human beings, then they may do the same for you.
    Frank Pittman (20th century)