What is central processor?

  • (noun): (computer science) the part of a computer (a microprocessor chip) that does most of the data processing; the CPU and the memory form the central part of a computer to which the peripherals are attached.
    Synonyms: central processing unit, CPU, C.P.U., processor, mainframe

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CDC 6000 Series - Peripheral Processors
... The central processor shares access to central memory with ten peripheral processors ... Each peripheral processor is an individual computer with its own 1 μs memory of 4K words, each with 12 bits ... the 12 bit word length and portions of the instruction set.) Peripheral processors are used primarily for input/output the transfer of information between central memory and peripheral devices such as disks and ...
CDC Cyber - Cyber 70 and 170 Series
... The central processor (CPU) and central memory (CM) operated in units of 60-bit words ... to 12-bit entities (which coincided with the word size used by the peripheral processors) ... six bits, operation codes were six bits, and central memory addresses were 18 bits ...
Coded Arms: Contagion - Story - Missions
... line, Grant continues his search for the way to the Central Processor, battling Maelstrom units on his way. 12 - Free Your Mind Grant enters the portal to the Central Processor, but ends up on an arena where he has to face the Maelstrom Commander (with whom he has some chats on the radio) ... After a hard battle against the powerful enemy, Grant finally gain access into the Central Processor ...
CDC 6600 - Description - Wordlengths, Characters
... The central processor had 60-bit words, whilst the peripheral processors had 12-bit words ... CDC used the term "byte" to refer to 12-bit entities used by peripheral processors characters were 6-bit, and central processor instructions were ... Later CDC 6000-compatible machines could have 256K or more words of central memory, budget permitting, but individual user programs were still limited to 128K words of CM.) Central ...
CDC 6000 Series - Central Processor
... The central processor was the high-speed arithmetic unit that functioned as the workhorse of the computer ... Note that in the CDC 6000 architecture, the central processing unit performed no I/O operations ... I/O was totally asynchronous, and performed by peripheral processors ...

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    In a large university, there are as many deans and executive heads as there are schools and departments. Their relations to one another are intricate and periodic; in fact, “galaxy” is too loose a term: it is a planetarium of deans with the President of the University as a central sun. One can see eclipses, inner systems, and oppositions.
    Jacques Barzun (b. 1907)