What is caboodle?

  • (noun): Any collection in its entirety.
    Example: "She bought the whole caboodle"
    Synonyms: bunch, lot


Kaboodle is a spelling derivation of the English word "caboodle", meaning a group, bunch, lot, pack, or collection of things or people. Caboodle is further derived from Boodle or booty.

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Fossil Word - English Language Examples
... non-idiom-specific use Bygones, as in "let bygones be bygones" Caboodle, as in "kit and caboodle" (a "born fossil" in that "kit and caboodle" evolved from "kit and boodle", which itself was a fixed phrase ...
World's Favorite Gay Hero! - Miss Adventure Ridin' The West
... Tagline "They call me Kitten Caboodle" Circumstances demanded another of Miss Adventure's fabulous disguises ... Posing as "Kitten Caboodle", Bart hired her on the spot ... He purposely hinted that Kitten Caboodle was Miss Adventure in order to lure Bart from the saloon ...