What is business deal?

  • (noun): A particular instance of buying or selling.
    Example: "He's a master of the business deal"
    Synonyms: deal, trade

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Famous quotes containing the words deal and/or business:

    Since I know nothing of the merits of poetry, I am not able to pass any opinion upon this, but I can see that “reap” and “deep,” “prayers” and “bears,” “ark” and “dark,” “true” and “grew” do rhyme, and so I suppose it is a splendid effort, but if you had written it in plain prose, I could have understood it a great deal better and read it a great deal more easily.
    Susan B. Anthony (1820–1906)

    Actually, if my business was legitimate, I would deduct a substantial percentage for depreciation of my body.
    Contemplative and bookish men must of necessitie be more quarrelsome than others, because they contend not about matter of fact, nor can determine their controversies by any certain witnesses, nor judges. But as long as they goe towards peace, that is Truth, it is no matter which way.
    John Donne (c. 1572–1631)