What is bronzy?

  • (adj): Of the color of bronze.
    Synonyms: bronze

Some articles on bronzy:

Common Starling - Taxonomy - Subspecies
... The gloss is green on the head, belly and lower back, bronzy purple on the neck to upper chest and back, and purplish on the flanks and upper wing-coverts ... parts of range, more purplish and less bronzy gloss ... Purple gloss elsewehere except on flanks and upper wing-coverts where more bronzy ...
Golden-winged Sunbird - Behaviour - Feeding
... intruding individual, where persistent individuals of larger bird species such as the Bronzy Sunbird may feed successfully ... Sometimes, when a female Golden-winged Sunbird intrudes on a Bronzy Sunbird's territory, it performs a begging display by quivering its wings and spreading its tail ... This causes the Bronzy Sunbird to tolerate the foraging of the Golden-winged Sunbird in its territory ...