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Brassy Ringlet - Evolution
... evolutionary scenario has been developed for the brassy ringlet group A peculiar case is the Colorado Alpine, the nominate subspecies of Erebia callias ... This isolated Rocky Mountains population has been lumped with the Siberian brassy ringlets as they are almost alike morphologically ... Thus, brassy ringlets are present on the North American continent quite exactly for the same length of time as a significant human population ...
Brassy Ringlet - Systematics and Taxonomy
... Occasionally, as few as three species of brassy ringlets are accepted, or these are treated as superspecies ... subspecies ought to be recognized Erebia calcaria – Lorkovic's Brassy Ringlet Erebia callias Erebia (callias) altajana Erebia (callias) callias – Colorado ... graucasica) Erebia tyndarus – Swiss Brassy Ringlet ...
Brassy Ringlet
... See text The brassy ringlets are a "species group" of ringlet butterflies in the genus Erebia ... Still, the brassy ringlets are taxa similar to E ... tyndarus – the Swiss Brassy Ringlet –, and in many cases certainly close relatives ...
Erebia - Taxonomy and Systematics - Species List
... Scree Alpine Erebia arctica Erebia atramentaria Erebia calcaria – Lorkovic's Brassy Ringlet Erebia callias Erebia (callias) altajana Erebia (callias) callias – Colorado ... Ringlet Erebia neriene Erebia niphonica Erebia nivalis – de Lesse's Brassy Ringlet Erebia occulta – Eskimo Alpine Erebia ocnus Erebia oeme – Bright-eyed Ringlet Erebia ... Rnglet Erebia troubridgei Erebia turanica Erebia tyndarus – Swiss Brassy Ringlet Erebia usgentensis Erebia vidleri – Northwest Alpine or Vidler's Alpine Erebia wanga Erebia youngi ...
Erebia Tyndarus - Systematics, Taxonomy and Evolution
... The Swiss Brassy Ringlet belongs to the brassy ringlet group of its genus Erebia ... The brassy ringlet group, like many Erebia, has a complicated taxonomy, with scores of "variants" having been named in the late 19th and early 20th century ... As this was realized, the brassy ringlets of the Alps and Pyrenees were united in E ...

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  • (adj): Resembling the sound of a brass instrument.
    Synonyms: brasslike

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    Daylight is nobody’s friend.
    God comes in like a landlord
    and flashes on his brassy lamp.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)