What is Brassica oleracea?

  • (noun): Any of various cultivars of the genus Brassica oleracea grown for their edible leaves or flowers.
    Synonyms: cabbage, cultivated cabbage
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... vulgaris) Bok choy (白菜 Brassica rapa Chinensis group) Borage greens (Borago officinalis) Broccoli Rabe (Brassica rapa subsp ... rapa) Brussels sprout (Brassica oleracea Gemmifera group) Cabbage (Brassica oleracea Capitata group) Catsear (Hypochaeris radicata) Celery (Apium graveolens) Celtuce (La ... Malva verticillata) Chrysanthemum leaves (Chrysanthemum coronarium) Collard greens (Brassica oleracea) Corn salad (Valerianella locusta) Cress (Lepidium sativum) Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale ...
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... name Scientific name Image Bondhakobi Cabbage Brassica oleracea Capitata Group Phulkobi Cauliflower Brassica oleracea Botrytis Group Oolkobi Knolkhol or Kohlrabi Brassica ...
... refers to either of two edible plants of the species Brassica oleracea with light green heads ... There are two forms of Brassica oleracea that may be referred to as broccoflower, both of which are considered cultivars of cauliflower (Brassica oleracea var ...

More definitions of "Brassica oleracea":

  • (noun): Wild original of cultivated cabbages; common in western coastal Europe.
    Synonyms: wild cabbage