What is bone density?

Bone Density

Bone density (or bone mineral density) is a medical term normally referring to the amount of mineral matter per square centimeter of bones. Bone density (or BMD) is used in clinical medicine as an indirect indicator of osteoporosis and fracture risk.

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Wolff's Law - Examples
... The racquet-holding arm bones of tennis players become much stronger than those of the other arm ... Their bodies have strengthened the bones in their racquet-holding arm since it is routinely placed under higher than normal stresses ... of high load and arm rotation result in a twisted bone density profile ...
Effect Of Spaceflight On The Human Body - List of Effects of Space On Human Physiology - The Effects of Weightlessness - Loss of Bone and Muscle Mass
... A major effect of long-term weightlessness involves the loss of bone and muscle mass ... Bone metabolism also changes ... Normally, bone is laid down in the direction of mechanical stress, however in a microgravity environment there is very little mechanical stress ...
Female Athlete Triad - Triad Components - Osteoporosis
... Institutes of Health as ‘‘a skeletal disorder characterized by compromised bone strength predisposing a person to an increased risk of fracture.’’ Low estrogen ... Immediate Effects of Low Bone Density ... the osteoclasts live longer and are therefore able to resorb more bone ...

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