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Barry Wellman

Barry Wellman, FRSC (born 1942) is a Canadian-American sociologist, currently the director at NetLab as the S.D. Clark Professor of Sociology at the University of Toronto. His areas of research are community sociology, the Internet, human-computer interaction and social structure, as manifested in social networks in communities and organizations. His overarching interest is in the paradigm shift from group-centered relations to networked individualism. He has written or co-authored more than 300 articles, chapters, reports and books.

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Network Society - Barry Wellman, Hiltz and Turoff
... Wellman studied the network society as a sociologist at the University of Toronto ... Since his 1979 "The Community Question", Wellman has argued that societies at any scale are best seen as networks (and "networks of networks") rather than as bounded groups in hierarchical structures ... More recently, Wellman has contributed to the theory of social network analysis with an emphasis on individualized networks, also known as "networked ...
Barry Wellman - Offices
... Department of Sociology subsequently established the "Barry Wellman Award" for excellence in undergraduate research ...

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