What is aware?

  • (adj): Bearing in mind; attentive to.
    Synonyms: mindful
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Shannon Worrell - Discography - Appearances in Compilations
... "Long Distance Runner." Aware II (CD, 1994) ... "Eleanor" "Aware IV" "Movie Star Mom" "Aware's Greatest Hits" ...
The Aware
... The Aware is the first book in The Isles of Glory by Glenda Larke, in the style of an interview that took place much later than the events in the book ... The Aware was a finalist in the 2003 Aurealis Awards fantasy division ...
Context-aware Pervasive Systems
... Context-aware computing refers to a general class of mobile systems that can sense their physical environment, and adapt their behavior accordingly ... Context-aware systems are a component of a ubiquitous computing or pervasive computing environment ... Although location is a primary capability, location-aware does not necessarily capture things of interest that are mobile or changing ...
Metamemory - Improving Memory - Mnemonics
... order to successfully use a mnemonic device an individual should be aware that the mnemonic can aid his or her memory ... Participants were made aware of the usefulness of a mnemonic device (categorical grouping) either before or after recall ... Participants who were made aware of the usefulness of the mnemonic before recall (displaying metamemory for the mnemonic's usefulness) were significantly more likely to use the mnemonic than ...
Catuskoti - Exegesis
... We are typically not aware of ourselves as taking something (P) as real ... "takes us," or already has us in its spell as soon as we become aware of its identity (P) ... act of perception when we see a figure that we become aware of as "something." As the German gestalt psychologists demonstrated, for each figure perceived ...

More definitions of "aware":

  • (adj): (sometimes followed by 'of') having or showing realization or perception.
    Example: "Was aware of his opponent's hostility"; "became aware of her surroundings"; "aware that he had exceeded the speed limit"
  • (adj): (usually followed by 'of') having knowledge or understanding.
    Example: "I am well aware of his limitations"
    Synonyms: cognizant, cognisant, well aware
  • (adj): Alert and fully informed.
    Example: "Politically aware"; "the most...technically aware of the novelists under thirty"- W.S.Graham
    Synonyms: knowing, knowledgeable
  • (adj): Aware or knowing.
    Synonyms: witting

Famous quotes containing the word aware:

    What we have found in this country, and maybe we’re more aware of it now, is one problem that we’ve had, even in the best of times, and that is the people who are sleeping on the grates, the homeless, you might say, by choice.
    I am my brother’s keeper, and he’s sleeping pretty rough these days.
    Derek, Archbishop Worlock (b. 1920)

    It is as easy to deceive oneself and not be aware of it, as it is hard to deceive others without their being aware of it.
    François, Duc De La Rochefoucauld (1613–1680)

    Celebrity is a mask that eats into the face. As soon as one is aware of being “somebody,” to be watched and listened to with extra interest, input ceases, and the performer goes blind and deaf in his overanimation. One can either see or be seen.
    John Updike (b. 1932)