What is aviation support element?

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3rd Battalion 10th Marines - Mission
... Provide direct support of the 2nd Marine Division in time of conflict ... That support may come in the traditional fashion of artillery support to maneuver forces, or by providing batteries to serve as provisional rifle companies ...
Maritime Special Purpose Force - Organization - Support Element
... The support element normally is composed of assets from the BLT Reconnaissance Platooncoupled with elements of the Aviation Combat Element (ACE), Radio Battalion ... HET Detachment NSWTU, PHIBRON (as required) Aviation Support Element The aviation support element is a task organized portion of the Marine Air-Ground Task Force's MEU Aviation Combat Element ... The specific structure of the aviation support element will vary depending on the lift requirements and distance to the crisis site ...
43d Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron - History
... In April 1999, the 43 AES deployed to Tirana, Albania in support of Operation Noble Anvil ... As part of Task Force Hawk, AES personnel provided support to Army V Corps ... members of the 43 AES have been deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom ...
408 Tactical Helicopter Squadron
... Its primary role is in support of contingency operations and vanguard brigades requiring tactical helicopter resources ... operations, land force training, and support to other government departments ... For example, 408 Squadron's eight Griffons were assigned to support the Canadian contingent in the Balkans in 1999 ...

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