What is Army Intelligence?

  • (noun): An agency of the United States Army responsible for providing timely and relevant and accurate and synchronized intelligence to tactical and operational and strategic level commanders.
    Synonyms: AI

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Army Intelligence - Further Reading
... "A Knowledge Taxonomy for Army Intelligence Training An Assessment of the Military Intelligence Basic Officer Leaders Course Using Lundvall’s Knowledge Taxonomy" Texas State University ...
Counterintelligence Corps (United States Army)
... The Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) was a World War II and early Cold War intelligence agency within the United States Army ... Army Intelligence Corps in 1961 and, in 1967, by the U.S ... Army Intelligence Agency ...
New Zealand Intelligence Corps - History
... to the House of Representatives indicate that volunteer intelligence officers were responsible for collecting data for mobilisation purposes and updating maps ... This activity is consistent with what the British Intelligence Organisation was undertaking at the time ... Director of Military Operations and Intelligence created in the Army Staff ...
Servicio De Inteligencia Del Ejército (Argentina)
... Servicio de Inteligencia del Ejército (Army Intelligence Service, SIE) is the Argentine Army's intelligence agency ... It is a division of J-2 and reports to the Army's Jefatura II (the General Staff's intelligence service) ... The Service is composite of 11 Intelligence Companies, 30 Independent Intelligence Platoons, 1 Intelligence Support Group, 1 Military Intelligence Collector Centre, 3 Division Intelligence Collection Centre ...
The Abwehr Under Canaris - 1938 Reorganisation
... Amtsgruppe Ausland" in German) (later known as Foreign Intelligence Group) was the second subdivision of the Abwehr and had several functions liaison with the OKW and the ... constituted the third division and was labeled "counter-intelligence branches" but in reality focused on intelligence gathering ... Foreign Intelligence Collection (further subdivided by letter, e.g ...

Famous quotes containing the words intelligence and/or army:

    The information links are like nerves that pervade and help to animate the human organism. The sensors and monitors are analogous to the human senses that put us in touch with the world. Data bases correspond to memory; the information processors perform the function of human reasoning and comprehension. Once the postmodern infrastructure is reasonably integrated, it will greatly exceed human intelligence in reach, acuity, capacity, and precision.
    Albert Borgman, U.S. educator, author. Crossing the Postmodern Divide, ch. 4, University of Chicago Press (1992)

    I’m the boss, you’re an idiot. You’re the boss, I’m an idiot.
    —Russian army saying, trans. by Vladimir Ivanovich Shlyakov (1993)