What is alcoholic beverage?

Alcoholic Beverage

An alcoholic beverage is a drink and psychoactive drug containing ethyl alcohol which is commonly referred to as ethanol. Alcoholic beverages are divided into three general classes for taxation and regulation of production: beers, wines, and spirits (or distilled beverage). They are legally consumed in most countries with over 100 countries having laws regulating their production, sale, and consumption. Alcoholic beverages have been consumed by humans since the Neolithic; the earliest evidence of alcohol was discovered in Jiahu dating from 7000–6600 BCE. The production and consumption of alcohol occurs in most cultures of the world, from hunter-gatherer peoples to nation-states. Alcohol is widely available, with beer being the third most popular drink overall in the world, after water and tea.

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Famous quotes containing the word alcoholic:

    The alcoholic trance is not just a haze, as though the eyes were also unshaven. It is not a mere buzzing in the ears, a dizziness or disturbance of balance. One arrives in the garden again, at nursery time, when the gentle animals are fed and in all the world there are only toys.
    William Gass (b. 1924)