What is adverbial?

  • (noun): A word or group of words function as an adverb.
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In grammar an adverbial is a word (an adverb) or a group of words (an adverbial phrase or an adverbial clause) that modifies or tells us something about the sentence or the verb. The word adverbial is also used as an adjective, meaning 'having the same function as an adverb'. Look at the examples below:

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Adverbial Genitives in English
... In Old and Middle English, the genitive case was productive, and adverbial genitives were commonplace ... various relics, including a number of adverbial genitives ... and whence (related to the roots of here, there, and where) Some words were formed from the adverbial genitive along with an additional parasitic -t amidst ...
Adverbial Participle
... Adverbial participles are built out of a verb (mostly with a suffix), and in most cases they play the role of a sentence element called adverbial in the grammar of some ... be translated into English by using an appropriate adverbial clause ...
Adjectival Noun (Japanese) - Modern Japanese
... Irrealis 未然形 Adverbial 連用形 Conclusive 終止形 Attributive 連体形 Hypothetical 仮定形 Imperative 命令形 -daro -daQ -de -ni -da -na ... Adverbial -daQ is often found with past particle -ta, resulting in "daQta" -> "datta" ... Adverbial -de is found before "aru" and "nai", as well as being used in to terminate one clause before beginning another (中止法) ...
Other Types of Adverbials - Expletives
... Often ignored, expletives may take up many adverbial syntactic functions ... Pragmatically and semantically, they often serve as intensifiers, boosting the content of the clause they appear in ...
... a converb is a non-finite verb form that serves to express adverbial subordination, i.e ... an adverbial, but can neither be the only predicate of a simple sentence, nor clausal argument (i.e ... Thus, the subordinate sentence can be understood as a temporal adverbial ...

More definitions of "adverbial":

  • (adj): Of or relating to or functioning as an adverb.
    Example: "Adverbial syntax"