What is adjustable?

  • (adj): Capable of being changed so as to match or fit.
    Example: "Adjustable seat belts"
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Some articles on adjustable:

Adjustable Spanner
... An adjustable spanner or adjustable wrench is a spanner with a "jaw" of adjustable width, allowing it to be used with different sizes of fastener head (nut, bolt, etc.) rather than just one fastener, as with a ... An adjustable spanner may also be called a shifting spanner, shifting adjustable, shifter, fit-all, crescent wrench (incorrect usage - see Famous brands section), adjustable angle-head wrench or Bahco (see ...
Basic Characteristics of Made in Japan Sigma Guitars
... From 1970 to approximately 1975 Adjustable bridge on all dreadnought (except DJ-7) and GCS (Grand Concert Series) models, but this too is an inconsistency ... Original peghead logo Sigma with Greek symbol Σ above Adjustable truss rod through peghead ... Adjustable truss bar through peghead from 1970 through 1979 ...
Spyder MR1 - E-MR1
... of operation semi-automatic, full-automatic, and bursts 2-way adjustable triggers, adjustable to players's preferences Delrin bolts Removable adjustable shoulder stocks E-MR1s are ...
Savage 10FP - Sniper/tactical Characteristics
... traits among sniper/tactical rifles that are included with the design of this rifle are Adjustable Trigger Adjustable butt plate on models with Choate stock Adjustable cheek pad ...
Adjustable-focus Eyeglasses
... Adjustable focus eyeglasses are prescription eyeglasses with an adjustable focal length ... Adjustable focus eyeglasses have one focal length, but it is variable without having to change where one is looking ...

More definitions of "adjustable":

  • (adj): Capable of being regulated.
    Example: "Adjustable interest rates"