What is adhere?

Some articles on adhere:

Canadian Sport Parachuting Association - Objectives
... and skydiving companies that wish to be members of the CSPA have to adhere to established Basic Safety Rules throughout their parachuting career ... A Canadian Drop Zone must adhere to all of these safety rules if it wants to be a member of the CSPA ... Not all Canadian Drop Zones are members of the CSPA and therefore do not adhere to safety procedures set out by the CSPA ...
The St. Michael School - The School's Song
... To our motto we'll adhere Chorus To our motto we'll adhere To our motto we'll adhere ...
Mitre 10 Dream Home - Competition Rules
... The competition has some rules that the teams must adhere to during the construction of their Dream Home ... The teams have a certain budget to adhere to each week the teams budget advisors will assist with the budget aspects ... The house must adhere to certain safety aspects such as rails on the staircases ...
Left-hand Path And Right-hand Path - Terminology - The Right-Hand Path
... commonly thought to refer to magical or religious groups which adhere to a certain set of characteristics They adhere to social conventions and avoid taboos ... They adhere to a specific moral code and a belief in some form of judgement, such as karma or the Threefold Law ...
Gauge Block - Description - Wringing
... Because of their ultraflat surfaces, when wrung, gauge blocks adhere to each other tightly ... This force causes gauge blocks to adhere even without surface lubricants, and in a vacuum ... it is officially defined as "the ability of two surfaces to adhere tightly to each other in the absence of external means." The minimum conditions for wringability are a surface finish ...

More definitions of "adhere":

  • (verb): Be compatible or in accordance with.
    Example: "You must adhere to the rules"
  • (verb): Be a devoted follower or supporter.
    Synonyms: stick
  • (verb): Follow through or carry out a plan without deviation.
    Example: "They adhered to their plan"
  • (verb): Come or be in close contact with; stick or hold together and resist separation.
    Synonyms: cling, cleave, stick, cohere

Famous quotes containing the word adhere:

    When any practice has become the fixed rule of the society in which we live, it is always wise to adhere to that rule, unless it call upon us to do something that is actually wrong. One should not offend the prejudices of the world, even if one is quite sure that they are prejudices.
    Anthony Trollope (1815–1882)

    I am not so foolish as to declaim against forms. Forms are as essential as bodies; but to exalt particular forms, to adhere to one form a moment after it is outgrown, is unreasonable, and it is alien to the spirit of Christ.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)