What is activation analysis?

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Hans-Joachim Born - Selected Literature
... Pertaining to Rare Earths by Means of Radioactivation Analysis, Trans ... By Neutron Activation, Atomkernenergie Volume 4, 286-289 (1959) ... Born On the Activation Analysis of Oxygen with Help of the Reaction O16 (T,n) F18, Intern ...
Neutron - Uses
... Flux · Radiation · Transport Cross section · Absorption · Activation Neutron scattering Neutron diffraction Small-angle neutron scattering GISANS Reflectometry Inelastic ... For example, neutron capture often results in neutron activation, inducing radioactivity ... where the radiation is used in a similar way one uses X-rays for the analysis of condensed matter ...
Radiochemistry - Activation Analysis
... irradiation of objects it is possible to induce radioactivity this activation of stable isotopes to create radioisotopes is the basis of neutron activation analysis ... is required for some samples, making neutron activation analysis less susceptible to contamination ...

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    Cubism had been an analysis of the object and an attempt to put it before us in its totality; both as analysis and as synthesis, it was a criticism of appearance. Surrealism transmuted the object, and suddenly a canvas became an apparition: a new figuration, a real transfiguration.
    Octavio Paz (b. 1914)