What is acidic?

  • (adj): Tasting sour like acid.
    Synonyms: acidulent, acidulous
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Crystallin, Beta A1
... of the C-terminal extension (present in the basic group, none in the acidic group) ... This gene, a beta acidic group member, encodes two proteins (crystallin, beta A3 and crystallin, beta A1) from a single mRNA, the latter protein is 17 aa ...
Lipid Bilayer Fusion - Fusion Proteins
... there are two classes of viral fusion proteins acidic and pH-independent ... Acidic fusion proteins such as those found on influenza are only activated when in the low pH of acidic endosomes and must first be endocytosed to gain entry into the cell ...
Benzimidazoles - Structure and Properties - Amphotericity
... As an acid, the pKa of imidazole is 14.5, making it less acidic than carboxylic acids, phenols, and imides, but slightly more acidic than alcohols ... The acidic proton is located on N-1 ...
Smoking Hills
... of metals (aluminium, iron, zinc, nickel, manganese and cadmium) occur in these acidic ponds ... The acidic biota in the ponds are characteristic of acidic environments worldwide, in contrast to the typically Arctic biota in adjacent alkaline ponds ...
Loch Enoch - Acidification
... By 1800 the water of Loch Enoch had already become acidic ... Since 1940 the loch became more acidic due to industrial emissions and in the 1950s it completely lost its fish population ... The loch has not become more acidic since the mid-1970s and has become slightly less acidic from the 1980s onwards, with the pH increasing slowly from around 4.3 in 1978 to 4.9 in 2003 ...

More definitions of "acidic":

  • (adj): Being or containing an acid; of a solution having an excess of hydrogen atoms (having a pH of less than 7).