What do you think of my vision of a heavenly home note all of it may not show so it might seem cut off?

Famous quotes containing the words show, cut, note, vision, heavenly and/or home:

    Let us, like merchants, show our foulest wares,
    And think perchance they’ll sell; if not,
    The lustre of the better yet to show
    Shall show the better.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    This scene was supposed to be in a saloon, but the censor cut it out. It’ll play just as well.
    Otis Criblecoblis, U.S. screenwriter. W.C. Fields (W.C. Fields)

    For do but note a wild and wanton herd
    Or race of youthful and unhandled colts
    Fetching mad bounds, bellowing and neighing loud,
    Which is the hot condition of their blood;
    If they but hear perchance a trumpet sound,
    Or any air of music touch their ears,
    You shall perceive them make a mutual stand,
    Their savage eyes turned to a modest gaze
    By the sweet power of music.
    William Shake{peare (1564–1616)

    Every civilization when it loses its inner vision and its cleaner energy, falls into a new sort of sordidness, more vast and more stupendous than the old savage sort. An Augean stable of metallic filth.
    —D.H. (David Herbert)

    Seeing myself well lost once more, I sighed,
    “Where, where in Heaven am I? But don’t tell me!
    O opening clouds, by opening on me wide.
    Let’s let my heavenly lostness overwhelm me.”
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)

    do not sleep
    he wants to climb out of the toilet when you sit on it
    and make a home in the embarrassed hair do not sleep
    he wants you to walk into him as into a dark fire.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)