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Lucius Manlius Vulso Longus - Mature Life
... was in the back protecting the horse-transport ships that were between them ... The first two squadrons were the main ships to fight the center of the Carthaginian fleet ... left wing that was attacking the transport ships, while Regulus attacked Hanno ...
First Persian Invasion Of Greece - 490 BCE: Datis and Artaphernes' Campaign - Size of The Persian Force
... There is no indication in the historical sources of how many transport ships accompanied them, if any ... Herodotus claimed that 3,000 transport ships accompanied 1,207 triremes during Xerxes's invasion in 480 BCE ... Amongst modern historians, some have accepted this number of ships as reasonable it has been suggested either that the number 600 represents the combined number of triremes and ...
Battle Of Java (1942) - West Java Campaign - West Java Campaign From Merak and Bantam Bay
... The convoy consisted of 56 transport ships with troops aboard from 16th Army Headquarters, 2nd Division and 230th Infantry Regiment ... General Hitoshi Imamura was aboard on the transport ship Ryujo Maru ... At 2320 on 28 February, the transport ships carrying the Nasu and Fukushima detachments commenced landing operations at Merak ...
List Of Currently Active United States Military Watercraft - Auxiliaries - Transport Ships
... Watson-class vehicle cargo ship 8 Bob Hope-class vehicle cargo ship 7 Shughart-class vehicle cargo ship 3 Gordon-class vehicle cargo ship 2 USNS LCPL Roy M ...

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    Haven’t you heard, though,
    About the ships where war has found them out
    At sea, about the towns where war has come
    Through opening clouds at night with droning speed
    Further o’erhead than all but stars and angels
    And children in the ships and in the towns?
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)

    One may disavow and disclaim vices that surprise us, and whereto our passions transport us; but those which by long habits are rooted in a strong and ... powerful will are not subject to contradiction. Repentance is but a denying of our will, and an opposition of our fantasies.
    Michel de Montaigne (1533–1592)