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Home Computer Remake
... A home computer remake is a re-creation or re-implementation of classic home computer hardware, usually using updated technology, such as FPGAs ... A remake is a hardware realization, in contrast to an emulator, which is a virtual realization ... A remake can also be described as a hardware-based emulator ...
List Of Metal Gear Media - Video Games - Acid Series - Remakes
... release date(s) 2008 Release years by system 2008 – Mobile phone Notes A remake of Metal Gear Acid Title rendered as Metal Gear AC!D Mobile A three-dimensional version of the game ...
List Of The Legend Of Zelda Media - Video Games - Remakes
12, 1998 January 1999 Release years by system 1998 – Game Boy Color Notes Color remake of The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening Includes a new dungeon and new items The Legend of Zelda. 28, 2011 Release years by system 2011 – DsiWare Notes Remake of the Four Swords game from The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past Four Swords featuring new ... Release years by system 2013 – WiiU Notes Enhanced Remake ...
Shariki - Remakes
... Original game mechanics from DOS version was used in some remakes, that was collected on game fan-site Shariki for Windows Super Shariki Falling Bubbles ...
Slasher Films - Revival and Remakes - Remakes and Reboots
... Another revival came in 2003 when the Texas Chain Saw Massacre remake was released ... The success of the TCM remake would soon lead to a slew of other slasher remakes, including Toolbox Murders, House of Wax, Black Christmas, the "reimagining" of Halloween, Prom Night, My ... acting as a sequel, but instead satirizes the ideas and conventions of horror film reboots and remakes ...

Famous quotes containing the word remakes:

    With spring the father-sky remakes the world:
    The male shower has flowed into the bride,
    Earth’s body; then shifted through sky and sea and land
    To touch the quickening child in her deep side.
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)