What are power capacitors?

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Types Of Capacitor - Types and Styles - Miscellaneous Capacitors - Power Capacitors
... Vacuum capacitors—used in high power RF transmitters SF6 gas filled capacitors—used as capacitance standard in measuring bridge circuits ...
Types Of Capacitor - Types and Styles - Film Power Capacitors
... A related type is the power film capacitor ... The materials and construction techniques used for large power film capacitors mostly are similar to those of ordinary film capacitors ... However, capacitors with high to very high power ratings for applications in power systems and electrical installations are often classified separately, for historical reasons ...
Ceramic Capacitor - Construction and Styles - Ceramic Power Capacitors
... Different styles of ceramic capacitors for power electronic Doorknop type high voltage ceramic capacitor Disc type power ceramic capacitor Tubular or pot type power ceramic ... Although the materials used for large power ceramic capacitors mostly are very similar to those used for smaller ones, the ceramic capacitors with high to very ... The standardization of ceramic capacitors for lower power is oriented toward electrical and mechanical parameters as components for use in electronic equipment ...

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