What are planetary systems?

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Alien Intelligence - Scientific Search - Extrasolar Planets
... Main article Extrasolar planets See also List of planetary systems Astronomers search for extrasolar planets that may be conducive to life, such as ... is inadequate for a detailed study of extrasolar planetary objects ... It has been argued that Alpha Centauri, the closest star system to Earth, may contain planets which could be capable of sustaining life ...
Peter Van De Kamp - The Barnard's Star Affair
... Barnard's Star and in the 1960s reported a periodic "wobble" in its motion, apparently due to planetary companions ... his claim was in error and continued to publish papers about a planetary system around Barnard's Star into the 1980s, while modern radial velocity curves place a limit on the planets much smaller than claimed by ... the 1940s on Van de Kamp and his staff made similar claims of planetary systems around the nearby stars Lalande 21185, 61 Cygni, and many others, based on the same flawed photographic plates ...
HD 20782 - Planetary Systems - HD 20781
... The HD 20781 system Companion Mass Semimajor axis Orbital period Eccentricity Radius b 12.04 ± 1.11 M⊕ 0.169 ± 0.0028 29.15 ± 0.0201 0.11 ± 0.06 — c 15.76 ± 1,20 M⊕ 0 ...

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    We have done scant justice to the reasonableness of cannibalism. There are in fact so many and such excellent motives possible to it that mankind has never been able to fit all of them into one universal scheme, and has accordingly contrived various diverse and contradictory systems the better to display its virtues.
    Ruth Benedict (1887–1948)

    What is a television apparatus to man, who has only to shut his eyes to see the most inaccessible regions of the seen and the never seen, who has only to imagine in order to pierce through walls and cause all the planetary Baghdads of his dreams to rise from the dust.
    Salvador Dali (1904–1989)