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Mount Everest - Death Zone
... Temperatures can dip to very low levels, resulting in frostbite of any body part exposed to the air ... pressure at the top of Everest is about a third of sea level pressure or 0.333 standard atmospheres (337 mbar), resulting in the availability of only about a third as much oxygen to breathe ... Achieving even this level of performance requires prolonged altitude acclimatization, which takes 40–60 days for a typical expedition ...
... with a wide range of temperatures, pH, salinity, and oxygen levels for example they are found in water with a pH between 6.8 and 9.0, and temperatures ... have been found in water with extremely low oxygen levels (as low as 0.8 ppm) ... Their water habitats often exhibit oxygen levels below 5 milligrams of oxygen per litre ...
Permian–Triassic Extinction Event - Extinction Patterns - Possible Explanations of These Patterns
... about the effects of hypoxia, a shortage but not a total absence of oxygen ... Triassic atmospheres show a significant but protracted decline in atmospheric oxygen levels, with no acceleration near the P–Tr boundary ... Minimum atmospheric oxygen levels in the Early Triassic are never less than present day levels—the decline in oxygen levels does not match the temporal pattern of the ...
Dinosoor - Extinction of Major Groups
... At the peak of the Mesozoic, there were no polar ice caps, and sea levels are estimated to have been from 100 to 250 meters (300 to 800 ft) higher than they are today ... While some academics argue that oxygen levels were much higher than today, others argue that biological adaptations seen in birds and dinosaurs indicate that ... activity was decreasing, which led to a cooling trend as levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide dropped ...
Fish Kill - Causes - Oxygen Depletion
... See also Hypoxia (environmental) and Hypoxia in fish Oxygen enters the water through diffusion ... The amount of oxygen that can be dissolved in water depends on the atmospheric pressure, the water temperature and whether the water is salty ... example, at 20 °C (68 °F) and one atmosphere of pressure, a maximum of 8 mg/l of oxygen can dissolve in sea water (35 mg/l salinity) while a ...

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    The word which gives the key to the national vice is waste. And people who are wasteful are not wise, neither can they remain young and vigorous. In order to transmute energy to higher and more subtle levels one must first conserve it.
    Henry Miller (1891–1980)

    All the oxygen of the world was in them.
    All the feet of the babies of the world were in them.
    All the crotches of the angels of the world were in them.
    All the morning kisses of Philadelphia were in them.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)