What are light cruisers?

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SMS Prinz Heinrich - Service History
... She was the flagship of the Cruiser Division, along with the protected cruiser Victoria Louise and eight light cruisers ... In January 1904, the cruiser and two passenger ships went to the Norwegian town of Ålesund in the aftermath of a fire that destroyed the town ... She was reassigned to the II Subdivision of the Cruiser Division of the Active Fleet in 1905, after the arrival of the new armored cruiser Friedrich Carl ...
Bombardment Of Yarmouth And Lowestoft - Raid
... Around midnight, the Harwich squadron of three light cruisers and 18 destroyers was ordered to move north ... At about 0350, the light cruiser SMS Rostock, one of Bödicker′s screen ships, sighted British ships in a west-southwest direction ... the Harwich ships, reported the sighting of four battlecruisers and six cruisers to the Grand Fleet ...
List Of Allied Warships In The Normandy Landings - Light Cruisers
17 British light cruisers took part along with two of the Free French navy, and one of the Polish navy ...
La Galissonnière Class Cruiser - Background - Apparition of The Large Light Cruiser
... Navy were both interested by large cruisers, no matter they were classed "heavy" or "light" ... So, in the 1931 Program, Japan ordered the first units of a new light cruiser class, the Mogami class, with fifteen 150 mm, in five triple turrets, and a speed of 37 knots (69 km/h), announcing ... Navy answered with the Brooklyn cruiser class, with fifteen 152 mm guns, a speed of 32.5 knots (60.2 km/h), but a more exact displacement of 9,700 tons ...

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