What are late middle ages?

Late Middle Ages

The Late Middle Ages was the period of European history generally comprising the 14th to the 16th century (c. 1300–1500). The Late Middle Ages followed the High Middle Ages and preceded the onset of the early modern era (and, in much of Europe, the Renaissance).

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Late Middle Ages - Timeline
... Dates are approximate, consult particular article for details Middle Ages Themes Other themes See also Universal history 14th century 1307 - The Knights Templar destroyed 1307 - Babylonian ...
Mining And Metallurgy In Medieval Europe - Late Middle Ages, 14th To 16th Centuries
... It is only by the end of the 13th century that great capital expenditures are invested and more sophisticated machinery is installed in underground mining, which resulted in reaching great depths ... The wider application of water- and horse-power was necessary for draining water out of these deep shafts ...
History Of Theatre - Western Tradition - High and Late Medieval Theatre, 1050–1500
... comedy Farce Masque As the Viking invasions ceased in the middle of the 11th century, liturgical drama had spread from Russia to Scandinavia to Italy ... The importance of the High Middle Ages in the development of theatre was the economic and political changes that led to the formation of guilds and the growth of towns ... This would lead to significant changes in the Late Middle Ages ...
Science In The Middle Ages - Western Europe - Late Middle Ages (AD 1300–1500)
... of methodological naturalism can be also traced back to the work of these medieval thinkers By the late Middle Ages the search for natural causes had come to typify the work of. 1358), described as "perhaps the most brilliant arts master of the Middle Ages," contrasted the philosopher’s search for "appropriate natural causes ... to us." However, a series of events that would be known as the Crisis of the Late Middle Ages was under its way ...

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    Real socialism is inside man. It wasn’t born with Marx. It was in the communes of Italy in the Middle Ages. You can’t say it is finished.
    Dario Fo (b. 1926)

    Minerva House ... was “a finishing establishment for young ladies,” where some twenty girls of the ages from thirteen to nineteen inclusive, acquired a smattering of everything and a knowledge of nothing.
    Charles Dickens (1812–1870)

    All of Western tradition, from the late bloom of the British Empire right through the early doom of Vietnam, dictates that you do something spectacular and irreversible whenever you find yourself in or whenever you impose yourself upon a wholly unfamiliar situation belonging to somebody else. Frequently it’s your soul or your honor or your manhood, or democracy itself, at stake.
    June Jordan (b. 1939)

    We know what happens to people who stay in the middle of the road. They get run over.
    Aneurin Bevan (1897–1960)