What are islamic sources?

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Rus' People - Key Sources - Islamic Sources
... of the Rus' Ibn Haukal and two other early Islamic sources such as Muhammad al-Idrisi, who would follow them later, distinguish three groups of the Rus Kuyavia, Slavia, and Arcania ...
'Asma' Bint Marwan - Islamic Sources - Hadith Scholar Views On Authenticity of The Story - Ibn Sa'd's Narrative
... In addition, this isnad is discontinued (muʻḍal) as Al-Harith ibn al-Fudayl never met any of Muhammad's companions. ...
Historiography Of Early Islam - Modern Western Scholarship
... Another pioneer of Islamic studies, Abraham Geiger (1810–1874), was a prominent Jewish rabbi and approached Islam from that standpoint in his "Was hat Mohammed aus dem Judenthume ... They took a source critical approach, trying to sort the Islamic texts into elements to be accepted as historically true, and elements to be discarded as polemic or pious fiction ... a great deal of the received wisdom in Islamic studies ...

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