What are gang injunctions?

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Gang Injunction - Alternatives
... Although gang injunctions can provide immediate deterrence of gang violence, studies recommend they should be used in conjunction with gang intervention and gang rehabilitation ... Statistics provided by the LAPD and NYPD show that overall gang violence decreased in neighborhoods that implemented gang intervention programs ... shows possible benefits of rehabilitation among both gang members and non-gang members gang members who received treatment experienced a 20% difference in recidivism rate versus those who did ...
Gang Injunction - History - Long Term Impact
... and numerous media accounts of problems associated with not knowing the long term impact of gang injunctions, O’Deane (2007) evaluated the 6 gangs in San ... The method used to update San Diego County gang injunctions requires the filing of a new injunction as the gang evolves over time to keep it up to date and relevant ... Over time gang members die, go to prison, move out of the area, or simply stop being active gang members ...
Types Of Graffiti - Government Responses - United States - Gang Injunctions
... Many restrictions of civil gang injunctions are designed to help address and protect the physical environment and limit graffiti ... Provisions of gang injunctions include things such as restricting the possession of marker pens, spray paint cans, or other sharp objects capable of defacing private or public ... Some injunctions contain wording that restricts damaging or vandalizing the property of another, both public and private property, including, but limited to any vehicle, light fixture, door, fence, wall, gate, window ...
Gang Injunction - History - Legal Challenges
... In 1997, the case of People ex rel Gallo v Carlos Acuna challenged the constitutionality of gang injunctions ... Lower courts had held that provisions disallowing gang members to associate with one another violated their first amendment right to free assembly ... on the grounds that it was not constitutionally vague - it only applied to named gang members and only covered four square blocks - and found that gang activity fell under the ...

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