What are fluid dynamics?

Fluid Dynamics

In physics, fluid dynamics is a subdiscipline of fluid mechanics that deals with fluid flow—the natural science of fluids (liquids and gases) in motion. It has several subdisciplines itself, including aerodynamics (the study of air and other gases in motion) and hydrodynamics (the study of liquids in motion). Fluid dynamics has a wide range of applications, including calculating forces and moments on aircraft, determining the mass flow rate of petroleum through pipelines, predicting weather patterns, understanding nebulae in interstellar space and reportedly modeling fission weapon detonation. Some of its principles are even used in traffic engineering, where traffic is treated as a continuous fluid.

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Some articles on fluid dynamics:

Slosh Dynamics
... In fluid dynamics, slosh refers to the movement of liquid inside another object (which is, typically, also undergoing motion) ... speaking, the liquid must have a free surface to constitute a slosh dynamics problem, where the dynamics of the liquid can interact with the container to alter the ... waves" and can be an important effect in spinning spacecraft dynamics ...
L. Gary Leal - Research
... research covers a wide range of topics in fluid dynamics, including dynamics of complex fluids, such as polymeric liquids, emulsions, polymer blends, and liquid ... large-scale computer simulation of complex fluid flows ... Leal has published more than 250 papers on fluid dynamics ...
Terminology in Fluid Dynamics - Terminology in Compressible Fluid Dynamics
... In a compressible fluid, such as air, the temperature and density are essential when determining the state of the fluid ... and total (or stagnation) density are also essential in any study of compressible fluid flows ... and both can be identified for every point in a fluid flow field ...
Static Pressure in Fluid Dynamics
... The concept of pressure is central to the study of fluids ... A pressure can be identified for every point in a body of fluid, regardless of whether the fluid is in motion or not ... The concepts of total pressure and dynamic pressure arise from Bernoulli's equation and are significant in the study of all fluid flows ...
Max Planck Institute For Dynamics And Self-Organization - History - Fluid Dynamics and More
... more and more important until in 1993 the institute discontinued all research in fluid dynamics ... Theo Geisel, who opened the Department of Nonlinear Dynamics ... Eberhard Bodenschatz in 2003 and the founding of the Department of Dynamics of Complex Fluids and the Department of Hydrodynamics, Pattern Formation and Nanonbiocomplexity fluid dynamics ...

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