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USS Hancock (CV-19) - Service History - World War II
... Bogan's Carrier Task Group 38.2 (TG 38.2) ... point 375 nmi (690 km) west of the Marianas where units of Vice Admiral Mitscher's Fast Carrier Task Force 38 (TF 38) were assembling in preparation for the daring ... port bow a few seconds before being hit by the carrier's guns and crashing into the sea ...
USS Vincennes (CL-64) - Service - Operations Off Japan & Okinawa, 1945
... Operating southeast of Honshū, the fast carriers conducted strikes on the Tokyo area and the southern Bonin Islands ... The first carrier strikes conducted by the fast carrier planes hit Tokyo on the 16th strikes that continued the following day, stepping up the pace of the war and ... Over the days that ensued, carrier planes hit not only targets in Japan but on Chichi Jima, hitting Japanese airfields ...
USS Waldron (DD-699) - World War II - 1945
... her entire World War II service with the fast carriers ... TF 38 on 30 December and protected the carriers while they launched their planes against enemy installations on 3 and 4 January 1945 ... stormed ashore there, however, Waldron and the carriers had returned north to suppress enemy air power on Formosa during the actual assault ...
Empire Of The Rising Sun - Naval Warfare - Naval Combat
... a decoy in the first combat group to make the fast carriers harder to locate and attack) ... Naval Air Squadrons - but not army air factors - may target individual fast carriers, which may themselves make a separate defence roll prior to being attacked ... It will be recalled that a fast carrier has 2 or 3 factors - if each factor is "destroyed" or damaged twice by the attack, the ship as a whole is deemed "sunk", while if each factor is either "destroyed ...
USS Stephen Potter (DD-538) - 1944
... Stephen Potter was in the screen of the fast carriers when they made the first strike against Truk on 17 and 18 February 1944 ... Intrepid was damaged on the 17th by an aircraft torpedo, and the DD escorted the carrier back to the Marshalls ... on 13 March and, five days later, began the voyage back to Majuro where she rejoined the fast carriers ...

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