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Family Allowances Act 1945
... The Family Allowances Act 1945 (8 9 Geo ... Family allowances had been one of the items proposed by the Beveridge Report in 1942 ... The Labour Party briefly debated pressing for allowances during the Second World War, but a party conference resolution to this end was opposed by the trades ...
Child Benefit - United Kingdom
... The system was first implemented in August 1946 as "family allowances" under the Family Allowances Act 1945, at a rate of 5s (= £0.25) per week per ... This was raised from September 1952, by the Family Allowances and National Insurance Act 1952, to 8s (= £0.40), and from October 1956, by the Family Allowances Act and National Insurance Act ... By 1955, some 5,000,000 allowances were being paid, to about 3,250,000 families ...
Helmut Schmidt - Domestic Reforms
... The replacement of tax allowances by child benefit as well as payment for the first child (1975) ... Increases in income-limits for housing allowances together with housing allowance rates ... Improvements in family allowances, with monthly subsidies for children increased by over 100% (1975) ...
Wislon - First Term As Prime Minister - Domestic Affairs - Record of First Term On Income Distribution
... in 1964, mainly because of increases in cash benefits, including family allowances ... such as supplementary benefit, pensions and family allowances, the latter of which were doubled between 1964 and 1970 (although most of the increase in family allowances did not come about until 1968) ... the corresponding increase was 14.5%, and for a family with four children, 16.5% ...
British Labour Law - Employment Rights and Duties - Income Tax and Insurance
... Introduced by the Family Allowances Act 1945, followed by the Family Allowances and National Insurance Act 1952 and the Family Allowances Act and National Insurance Act 1956 Pension tax simplification in ...

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