What are control spires?

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List Of Mega Digimon (Part 5) - Anime Meta-series - Digimon Adventure 02 (Series Two)
... The Digimon Emperor has been enslaving Digimon with Dark Rings and Control Spires and has somehow made regular Digivolution impossible ... new Digimon enemies made from the deactivated Control Spires start to appear and cause trouble in the Digital World ... soon save countries including France and Australia from control spires and defeat MaloMyotismon (BelialVamdemon), the digivolved form of Myotismon (Vamdemon) from the previous series ...
List Of Digimon Adventure 02 Episodes - Episode List
... with RedVegiemon that cracks the nearby Control Spire, Gabumon digivolves to Garurumon and turns the tide of the battle ... The Control Spire is destroyed and everyone it controlled is freed 5 "Old Reliable" ("Destroy the Dark Tower") "Dāku Tawā o Taose ... While the others attack the Control Spire, Joe and Cody get attacked by Shellmon and Ebidramon ...

Famous quotes containing the words spires and/or control:

    I saw the spires of Oxford
    As I was passing by,
    The grey spires of Oxford
    Against a pearl-grey sky;
    My heart was with the Oxford men
    Who went abroad to die.
    Winifred M. Letts (1887–1972)

    There has been something crude and heartless and unfeeling in our haste to succeed and be great. Our thought has been “Let every man look out for himself, let every generation look out for itself,” while we reared giant machinery which made it impossible that any but those who stood at the levers of control should have any chance to look out for themselves.
    Woodrow Wilson (1856–1924)