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Bootleg Recording - Legal Issues - Laws and Court Rulings
... Any sound or visual recording shall be considered as a reproduction for the purposes of this Convention ... a new song in a "fixed form," for example sheet music or an audio recording, copyright law grants them the exclusive right to control who may perform ... faithfully, no copyright is violated by recording it however such a recording may still violate performers rights, a type of neighboring right that is recognized in many ...
The Beatles Bootleg Recordings
... The Beatles' bootleg recordings are performances by The Beatles that have attained some level of public circulation without being available as a legal release ... The term most often refers to audio recordings, but also includes video performances ... From the earliest Beatles bootlegs in the late 1960s, the group has been one of the most bootlegged rock artists ...

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    All radio is dead. Which means that these tape recordings I’m making are for the sake of future history. If any.
    Barré Lyndon (1896–1972)