What are bomb vessels?

Bomb Vessels

A bomb vessel, bomb ship, bomb ketch, or simply bomb was a type of wooden sailing naval ship. Its primary armament was not cannon (long guns or carronades)—although bomb vessels carried a few cannon for self-defence—but rather mortars mounted forward near the bow and elevated to a high angle, and projecting their fire in a ballistic arc. Explosive shells or carcasses were employed rather than solid shot. Bomb vessels were specialized ships designed for bombarding (hence the name) fixed positions on land. In more modern times, the same role was carried out by battleships, cruisers and destroyers, as well as the purpose-built World War I- and II-era monitors.

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Some articles on bomb vessels:

Battle Of Copenhagen - Battle
... Bomb vessels would sit outside the British line and bombard the Danes by firing over it ... of the southern ships would be enough to allow the bomb vessels to approach within range of the city and force negotiations to prevent the bombardment of the city ... The loss of the three vessels required hurried changes in the line and weakened the force's northern end ...
Notable Bomb Vessels and Actions
... The bomb vessels Racehorse and Carcass were further strengthened for an expedition of discovery to the North Pole in the 1770s ... expedition included a young Horatio Nelson Bomb vessels Discovery, Explosion, Hecla, Sulphur, Terror, Volcano, and Zebra participated in the 1st Battle of Copenhagen in 1801 ... of the Basque Roads in 1808 (this action was also notable for including three rocket vessels in support of the bombs) ...
1944 In Aviation - Events - June
... dropping 5,000 long tons (5,600 short tons 5,080 metric tons) of bombs, the largest tonnage of bombs Bomber Command aircraft has dropped in a single night thus far in World War II ... The aircraft have to bomb through clouds at all but two of the gun sites ... The Royal Air Force uses its 12,000-pound (5,443-kg) "Tallboy" bomb in combat for the first time in a hastily organized attack by 25 Lancasters of Bomber Command's No ...
HMS Zebra (1780) - Napoleonic Wars
... Oliver in HMS Melpomene at the bombardment of French vessels at Le Havre ... The bomb vessels' shells and carcasses set the town on fire on 23 July ... On 1 August, the vessels kept a continuous fire for three hours ...
Bomb Vessels - In Fiction
... Forester, features several actions by British bomb vessels ... It is worth noting that Hornblower's vessels are named "Harvey" and "Moth", suggesting that Forester might have been unaware of the historical naming conventions ...

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