West Side Story - Musical Numbers

Musical Numbers

Act 1
  • 1. "Prologue" (Instrumental) – Jets and Sharks
  • 2. "Jet Song" – Riff, Action, Baby John, A-rab, Big Deal and Jets
  • 3. "Something's Coming" – Tony
  • 4. "Dance At The Gym" (Instrumental) – Jets and Sharks
    • "Blues"
    • "Promenade"
    • "Mambo"
    • "Cha-cha"
    • "Meeting Scene" - Tony and Maria
    • "Jump"
  • 5. "Maria" – Tony
  • 6. "Balcony Scene (Tonight)" – Tony and Maria
  • 7. "America" – Anita, Rosalia, Shark Girls
  • 8. "Cool" – Riff and Jets
  • 9. "One Hand, One Heart" – Tony and Maria
  • 10. "Tonight Quintet and Chorus" – Anita, Tony, Maria, Bernardo, Riff, Jets and Sharks
  • 11. "The Rumble" (Dance) – Jets and Sharks
Act 2
  • "Entr'acte" (Instrumental)
  • 12. "I Feel Pretty" ("Me Siento Hermosa" in the 2009 revival) – Maria, Consuelo, Rosalia, Teresita, Francisca and Shark Girls
  • 13.
    • "Ballet Sequence" - Tony and Maria
    • "Transition to Scherzo" - Instrumental
    • "Scherzo" - Instrumental
    • "Somewhere" (Song and Dance) – Company and "Dream Consuelo" (in the 2009 revival, "Kiddo", Tony, Maria, and Company)
    • "Procession and Nightmare" - Jets and Sharks
  • 14. "Gee, Officer Krupke" – Action, A-rab, Diesel, Baby John and the Jets
  • 15. "A Boy Like That" ("Un Hombre Así" in the 2009 revival) / "I Have A Love" – Anita and Maria
  • 16. "Taunting Scene" (Instrumental) – Anita and Jets
  • 17. "Finale" – Tony and Maria

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