Wenceslaus III

Wenceslaus III may refer to:

  • Wenceslaus III of Oława (1400–23), Duke of Oława (1419/20–23)
  • Wenceslaus III Adam, Duke of Cieszyn (December 1524 – 4 November 1579), Duke of Cieszyn (1528–79)
  • Wenceslaus III of Bohemia (October 6, 1289 – August 4, 1306), King of Hungary (1301–05), King of Bohemia and of Poland (1305–06)

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Mieszko I, Duke Of Cieszyn - Life - Struggles For The Throne of Kraków
... Instead he stood alongside King Wenceslaus II of Bohemia ... Mieszko eventually swore homage to King Wenceslaus II, although the exact date was still debatable the most accepted date by historians was 11 August 1292 ... Despite his alliance, Mieszko didn't take an active part in Wenceslaus II's campaign against Władysław I the Elbow-high in 1292 howecer, he put his army at the King's disposal ...
Ludwik III Of Oława - Life
... After the death of his father in 1419 or 1420, Louis III succeeded him in the Duchies of Oława and Niemcza together with his older brother Wenceslaus III as co-ruler ... The death of Wenceslaus III in 1423 without issue left him as sole ruler of their duchies ... death of his oldest brother Rupert II (who, like Wenceslaus III, never married or had children), Louis III inherited his Duchies of Lubin and Chojnów ...
Wenceslaus III Of Bohemia
... Wenceslaus III Premyslid (Czech and Slovak Václav III ... German Wenzel III ... Hungarian Vencel, Polish Wacław, Croatian Vjenceslav III, Serbian Вeнцeслав III, Venceslav III 6 October 1289 – 4 August 1306) was by inheritance the King of Bohemia (1305–06), the King ...

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