Weidmann (or Weidman) is a German surname meaning "hunter". It may refer to:

  • Charles Weidman (1901–1975), American modern dancer, choreographer and teacher
  • Chris Weidman (born 1984), American mixed martial artist
  • Eugen Weidmann (1908–1939), a German convict who was the last to be publicly executed in France
  • Franz Seraph Weidmann (1790, Vienna - 1867, Vienna), Austrian actor, poet, dramatist and topographer, nephew of Paul Weidmann
  • Jens Weidmann (born 1968), president of Deutsche Bundesbank
  • Jerome Weidman (1913–1998), Jewish American playwright and novelist
  • Joachim Weidmann (born 1939), German mathematician
  • Jodi Weidmann-Sparks,.....
  • John Weidman, American librettist and staff writer for Sesame Street
  • Karl Weidmann (born 1931), Swiss rower
  • Kurt Weidmann (born 1937), Hessian politician
  • Manfred Weidmann (born 1945) German footballer
  • Moritz Georg Weidmann
    • Moritz Georg Weidmann (1658–1693), German publisher and bookseller
    • Moritz Georg Weidmann (1686 - 1743), German publisher and bookseller, son of the Elder
  • Paul Weidmann (1744–1801), Austrian writer
  • Thure Weidman (1789–1828), bishop

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... The eccentric director of their last movie, Hal Weidmann (Walken), has demanded that the first viewing of the film be at a press junket although no ... the press, actors, others involved with film discover to their horror that Weidmann essentially junked the script and instead delivered a movie composed of footage shot making the movie - much taken ... Essentially, Weidmann has delivered Hollywood's first "Reality Movie" ...
Eugen Weidmann - Kidnapping
... In July 1937, they made a second attempt, Weidmann having made the acquaintance of Jean De Koven, a 22-year-old New York dancer visiting her aunt Ida Sackheim in Paris ... Weidmann then strangled and buried her in the villa's garden ... On September 1 of the same year, Weidmann hired a chauffeur named Joseph Couffy to drive him to the French Riviera where, in a forest outside Tours ...
Weidmannsche Buchhandlung - History
... Weidmannsche Buchhandlung was established in 1680 in Frankfurt by Moritz Georg Weidmann (1658-1693), who moved to Leipzig in 1681 ... Johann Ludwig Gleditsch, brother of Johann Friedrich Gleditsch, married Weidmann's widow in 1694 and built up the business of the house, while training the younger Moritz ...
Book About The Murder of Jean De Koven
... Beaux Ténèbres, la Pulsion du Mal d'Eugène Weidmann by Michel Ferracci-Porri, 412 p.(Ed. 99-158, Eugen Weidmann A Study in Brouhaha ... There is a drawing of Weidmann at the front of the book ...