Web Accelerator

A web accelerator is a proxy server that reduces web site access times. They can be a self-contained hardware appliance or installable software.

Web accelerators may be installed on the client (browsing) computer / mobile device, on ISP servers, on the server computer/network, or a combination. Accelerating delivery through compression requires some type of host based server to collect, compress and then deliver content to a client computer.

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Current Services - Netscape Internet Service - Web Accelerator
... The Web Accelerator precompresses text at the Server side to approximately 4% its original size, increasing effective throughput to 1300 kbit/s ... The accelerator also precompresses Flash executables and images to approximately 30% and 10%, respectively ... over regular phone lines", although such speeds are limited to only web browsing, not downloads of files ...
Google Web Accelerator
... Google Web Accelerator was a web accelerator produced by Google ... It used client software installed on the user's computer, as well as data caching on Google's servers, to speed up page load times by means of data compression, prefetching of content, and sharing cached data between users ...
server" class="article_title_2">Web Accelerator - Client–server
... There may be two sections to the proxy as well - a server portion sits in front of the Web server and captures the input and output from the server and a client ...

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